Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Difference Between Computer Organization and Computer Architecture

Computer organization
  • Deals with all physical components of computer systems that interacts with each other to perform various functionalities
  • The lower level of computer organization is known as microarchitecture which is more detailed and concrete.
  • Examples of Organizational attributes includes Hardware details transparent to the programmer such as control signal and peripheral.

Computer architecture

  • Refers as a set of attributes of a system as seen by programmer
  • Examples of the Architectural attributes include the instruction set,the no of bits used to represent the data types,Input Output mechanism and technique for addressing memories

The difference between architecture and organization is best described by a non-computer example. Is the gear level in a motorcycle part of it is architecture or organization? The architecture of a motocycle is simple; it transports you from A to B. The gear level belongs to the motorcycle's organization because it implements the function of a motorcycle but is not part of that function